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This is a place for me to empty my cluttered mind. I write about anything: politics, people, religion, you name it. Some of my writings are pure fiction, some pure fact, and some lie somewhere in between. Which is which is for you to judge.

I’ve just added a new section on Photography to run along with the existing sections on “Pipes and Tobacciana” and Tobacco Reviews. Please click “Blog” link to read the very latest piece of opinion, and “Writings” to read some fiction or poetry.

Feel free to try to disturb or question me, but please read some of my work before you go. On this site are some examples of my recent poetry and short stories: a tale of revenge, some mild horror and a little whimsy, so enjoy them if you can. I’ll add more as I can.

Now clear off and do something useful.

And don’t let the door hit yer arse on the way out…

(I should also mention condron.us as a useful blog site.)